Federal Budget 20-21

2020-21 Federal Budget Summary


JOBS, JOBS JOBS! That was the resounding theme of the 2020-21 Federal Budget. Closely followed by Spend, Spend, Spend.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered a budget where the key measures were aimed at small and medium enterprises...

Your UHY CFO Bookeeping

Your UHY CFO – Bookkeeping

When you think about your business financials and your position isn’t crystal clear or seems foggy, it’s probably because your bookkeeping systems could be improved.

We say it a lot, but there are so many more...

4-3_Credit Control_text

Monitor and Forecast Your Cashflow

Without good cashflow management, most businesses are likely to run into problems before long. Whether you’re navigating lean market conditions or implementing expansion, being profitable on paper isn’t enough if you don’t have healthy cashflow....

Construction IndustryReport 2020

Industry Report 2020 – Construction

While COVID-19 has put many jobs and businesses under threat, the construction industry has kept of working. However, the sector is usually slow to respond to shocks in the global economy, and this has been...

4-3_Manging_Conflicts_of_Interes copy

Managing Conflicts of Interest


The charity and not-for-profit sector is a close-knit community and this can unintentionally give rise to conflicts of interest as trustees accept multiple appointments or inadvertently mix their charitable work with their business interests. But...


Smaller Super Balance = Extra Tax Deduction?

In the 2016 budget the government announced their plans to allow people to carry forward their unused concessional contribution cap and make catch up concessional contributions. We are now in the first year these contributions...


Working From Home & COVID-19


While social distancing measures are in place, many people are working from home – and this could continue for some time yet.

Don’t forget – home office expenses can be claimed as a tax deduction.

What expenses...

4-3_New_land_Tax_relief copy

New Land Tax Relief Queensland


The Queensland Government has announced land tax relief, still to be legislated, that includes;

a land tax rebate reducing land tax liabilities by 25% for eligible properties for the 2019-20 assessment year
a waiver of the 2% land tax...


Succession Planning for Your Goals


Contrary to common misconception, succession plans are not really about who gets what when you quit, retire or die. While you may be facing some immediate challenges because of the economic slowdown, and may have even had...

4-3_Disaster Scenario Planning

Disaster Scenario Planning 2020


With much of the unfolding events related to COVID-19, have you considered how your business would fare in a ‘worst case’ scenario? That’s an uncomfortable thought that many would rather avoid – especially when you...

4-3_Gov Relief for covid 19 top links

Government Relief for COVID-19: Top Links


With the rapidly evolving changes due to COVID-19 virus containment measures, it’s wise that business owners and workers stay up-to-date with what relief and support are available to them.

In addition to emails and updates, we...

Federal Government Corona Virus Relief Package Title

Federal Government Coronavirus Relief Package


In case you missed it, the federal government has announced a relief package for individuals and businesses in response to the coronavirus. The proposed package includes;



The Boosting Cash Flow for...

Solidifying Your Entry into the Australian Market


Australia is a unique and highly affluent market that appeals to multinational and international business for a myriad of reasons. Prosperous, conflict-free and open to new ideas and products, the Australian consumer largely spends on...

Ethical Investing for Charities Titile

Ethical Investments – Charities and NFPs


Aligning your investment strategy with your supporters’ ethics…

With increasing competition for finite resources charities need to ensure that their donors are comfortable with the way that reserves are invested. But not all donors share the...

Death Benefits title

Death Benefits – Know Them!

When it comes to saying goodbye to loved ones, the last thing you want to be doing is catching-up your knowledge on financial and legal obligations. Having a basic understanding of how a superfund is...

Navigating People in the Workplace The Creative title

Navigating People in the Workplace: The Creative

Do you lead a team of creatives or work with them? Be it web designers, digital media production teams, online marketers, software engineers, writers, musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers or a full production team of diverse...

update 2020

Black Economy 2020 Update

The ATO continues visiting small businesses around Australia to crack down on black economy activities.  Tasmania was the target during October and November where the ATO visited around 300 small businesses in Hobart following tip-offs...