About us

Spot the difference...

Our tag line says it all: we're not your average bean counters. Our goal is to increase the life enjoyment of our clients.

  • We make the complicated sound simple
  • We take the time to understand your position
  • We tackle the real issues
  • We offer modern solutions
  • We deliver what's right for you

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The geography

We are a Queensland based firm, with offices in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We have been around for a long time – over 40 years – and we've evolved with our clients. Although we grow with our clients, our aim isn't to be bigger, but better.

We have clients located all over, and a good number of them reside beyond South East Queensland. With today's technology and our openness to travel, that doesn't stop us from delivering the same level of service to all of our clients, regardless of their location.

We're also part of the national network UHY Haines Norton. The independent member firms of UHY Haines Norton span across Australia and New Zealand, and the firms can offer us support and advice when our clients' needs go beyond Queensland.

Further to this we're a part of the international network UHY, which comprises 260 offices in 86 countries. Although the majority of our clients are local, it's nice to know that we can help them on a geographically wider scale when they need us to.