Financial Services Guide - 1 December 2018

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) describes our self-managed superannuation and financial advisory
services to assist you to decide whether to use them. It describes how we are remunerated, our professional indemnity insurance and how we handle any complaints you may have.

We may also give you a Statement of Advice if we advise you on self-managed superannuation funds or other financial strategies or products, and that advice is tailored to your personal circumstances. When we provide further advice to you, we may not give you a Statement of Advice, however we will record the advice and you can ask us for a copy by calling us.


We hold a limited Australian financial services licence. Our superannuation and financial advisory
services include:

  •  Advising you on whether a self-managed superannuation fund(SMSF) is a suitable superannuation structure for you and, if so, helping you to establish an SMSF;
  • Helping you to develop financial goals and appropriate investment strategies for your SMSF;
  • Advising you on superannuation contributions and retirement strategies;
  • Advising you on when to start a transition to retirement and/or retirement pension from your SMSF and how much pension you should take
  • Advising you on pension and lump sum benefit payments within your SMSF; and
  • Advising you to wind up a SMSF.

We can also provide high-level strategic advice to you in relation to:

  • Life risk insurance –we can advise you on the amount of cover required, ownership of the policy but not on specific life insurance policies
  • Simple managed investment schemes – we can advise you on which classes of these would align with your risk profile within your SMSF
  •  Securities; - we can advise you on which classes of these would be suitable for your SMSF;


  • Retirement - eligibility for support from Department of Human Services and aged care planning.

Whilst we are able to provide with advice to set up or wind up a SMSF, we are not licensed to advise you on investing in other specific financial products, for basic deposit products, securities, superannuation and life insurance. For example, we may recommend that you invest in term deposits, but we cannot tell you which term deposit account is appropriate for you, or we may recommend that you take out life insurance, but we cannot recommend a specific insurance company'€™s product.

We act for you when advising you on financial products or assisting you to set up your self-managed superannuation fund.