A few words from our Managing Partner, Darren Laarhoven

So what am I doing?

An opportunity has arisen to take part in the Chain Reaction Charity Ride, an opportunity that is both exciting & challenging, while at the same time will be rewarding, not only on a personal level, but knowing I have made a difference to those living with everyday challenges.

What does this ride involve?
  • 1000km of riding Sydney to Brisbane
  • 12000m of elevation (equivalent altitude of a commercial plane)
  • 7 days on a saddle
  • Many weeks and hours of training to prepare for the ride; and
  • Not to state the obvious…very sore body parts and exhaustion,
  • Meeting a fundraising target of $5,000
Why am I doing this?

The adventure ahead is somewhat daunting, the longest ride I had ever done was 110kms, and at most, 2 times a year, now I am faced with the challenge of riding 1000kms in 7 days!!

However, when I put the cause ahead of everything else, this challenge is minnowed. Families who need the help of AEIOU (families whose children have autism) are faced with many challenges every day. AEIOU will be a beneficiary of the ride. As you would have read on the email footer, those funds will go toward the completion of a new centre of excellence for children with autism. AEIOUs program has been very successful and future funds continue the opportunity to provide their service to a wider geographical area.   

Another beneficiary is Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House have just built a new facility opposite the Mater. There are still a few floors to fit out which is what these much needed funds will go towards. 

Those who have family in hospital and do not live in Brisbane often leave their homes and jobs to be with their loved ones. It is during these times organisations such as Ronald McDonald House ease the financial and mental strain of such families. As a director of the Leukaemia Foundation, we see the value of this service every day in our many accommodation villages around Australia.

How can you help?

To participate in this ride, I have committed to raise a minimum of $5,000 in donations.  If you would like to support in making a difference for these children, you can make a donation by clicking on this link http://chain-reaction.org.au/event/qld-ride-2017/rider/d-laarhovenuhyhn-com-au/

All contributions, big or small will go a long way!!

Follow the links to watch a short video on AEIOU Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

To find out more about the Chain Reaction Ride, please visit http://chain-reaction.org.au/about/ and http://chain-reaction.org.au/event/qld-ride-2017/

This ride will be challenging and I’m sure there will be times I will question “what have I gotten myself into” especially when every part of my body aches but my pain and challenges will pass.  At these times, I will remember those children and families who live with challenges everyday of their lives and know I am making a difference.

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